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Three cows execute a few traditional Greek dance steps to introduce iögo's new Greek yogurt.

We were asked to design three different photorealistic cows dancing to Greek music. To make sure the cows looked real; we needed to stay true to the animals size and weight. Moreover, they could not look cartoony because the client wanted the viewers to think they were actual cows trained to dance (It worked! They received emails saying the cows “were nice and wonderful and seem well treated.

To begin, we started by paying visit to a dairy farm so we could take reference pictures and film cows walking, running and just moving around. This helped us better analyze how their muscles work and how the skin seems to sort of glide over them as they move.

Next, we created a skeleton rig so we could recreate a complex muscle, skin and hair system. Once this was done, we recreated different dance moves in accordance with the musical tempo. Once the final animation had been approved, we transferred to a High-Rez texture and lighting process, then placed them in a real environment.

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