Toyota 2014 Kluger Vehicle Tour

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Kluger is the ultimate family SUV with loads of family friendly features. As a family of 4 embarks on a trip in the surrounding landscape, we see how the Kluger's features will enhance the comfort and enjoyment of the adventure to come.

As the new generation Kluger had not been released, our studio only had access to one Kluger for the live action shoot. However, the Kluger was not the colour the client wanted to feature in the vehicle tour. After shooting the talent and vehicle against green screen, we tracked the shots then replaced the Kluger and background in CG. This not only gave us the ability to render the Kluger in Moulin Rouge paint desired by the client, but also control the lighting of the vehicle to match the suburban environment we modelled. The end result is a successful integration of live action talent with CG to help tell the story of the ultimate family SUV.

Rotor Studios

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