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Eye Candy delivered a suite of cutting edge interactive exhibits, including a series of interactive creature touch screens, a real-time 3D large scale multi-user multi-touch table interactive, a large scale crowd based Augmented Reality experience for the museum's Atrium and a take-home App which to-date has received over 600,000 downloads.
The audience evaluation reports for all the interactives have been overwhelmingly positive.
"I think Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family is a brilliant experience. My little brother's favourite part was the table-top video game, where you hatch dinosaurs and try to put them into the right spot on the Tyrannosaur family tree. When you get them all correct, a giant meteor wipes them all out. Mass extinction!" - Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family - a kid's perspective' Time out Sydney.
The non-linear format of the Tyrannosaur Large Scale Multi-Touch Table allows the exhibit to successfully meet the requirements of the diverse demographic of visitors in different ways.
The Family Tree touch table is very popular with all ages. Different methods of interaction are used, with the very young usually finger-painting or flinging objects around, while older users work through the clues to solve the puzzle (or direct younger users on how to do this). Players were observed interacting for 8 minutes or more. The popularity of the table can cause long wait times when crowded”. Australian Museum. 

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