NRMA Occulus Rift Virtual Reality Installation

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Fin were presented with the opportunity to create a virtual reality experience as part of the NRMA Insurance, Interactive Crashed Car Showroom exhibition. Virtual reality is a medium so new and unexplored by clients and agencies that everyone involved in the project was breaking new ground. The Oculus Rift headset, that the user wears to enter Virtual Reality, itself was a first-generation prototype not yet available to consumers.
Users of the ride take a seat in a normal looking Holden Commodore parked in the exhibition space. When they don the VR Helmet, their vision is entirely taken over by the matching view from the Driver's seat of an identical “virtual” commodore as it undergoes a violent crash test. When combined with a powerful hydraulic rig that throws the car body around and the appropriate sound effects blasting from the real car's stereo, the total experience is all- enveloping.

FIn Design + Effects

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