MCA Projection Vivid 2014

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The Original Facade of the MCA installation for the Vivid Festival of Lights 2014 is a projected tapestry of isometric designs, old-school gaming aesthetics and imagery from pop-up 3D books that bursts into life to create 'Gamma World', inspired by artist Jess Johnson.

This captivating work takes you on an extraordinary journey, flitting from one space to another in a constant flux of movement. As each of Gamma World's chapters unfolds, the drama and emotion is captured through animation and 3D visual-effects techniques as this abstract, emotional and playful adventure shifts through constantly changing worlds.

Jess Johnson's artworks playfully inhabit each scene, giving you the feeling you're watching a theatrical set infused with an offbeat, other-worldly quality. Quirky animation sequences intertwine with refined motion graphics, creating a rollercoaster ride of tension, contrasts and thoroughly surprising moments. 

Spinifex Group

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