Axe 'Call to Arms'

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The power of the 'Lynx' effect can even prevent world destruction, according to BBH's new campaign for the deodorant brand.

In the latest spot for Axe directed by Rupert Sanders out of MJZ, 'Call to Arms' plays on the concept that men are less aggressive when they are in love.

In a series of vignettes we see potentially catastrophic situations averted by the power of Axe's new deodorant named Peace.

From dictator doppelgangers including North Korea's Kim Jong-un and the former Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad looking full of menace until the Axe effect kicks in.
The Mill's lead 3D artist Rob Holmes comments, "It's not often we get presented with an offline edit which is already a truly beautiful film. Knowing that our work was only going to add to the experience was a great motivator to pull out the stops.

We had 3D artist James Mulholland creating the tank shots single handedly, meanwhile, John Wood took care of the heli shots by creating a full CG Huey and a hybrid Huey based on the civilian helicopter that was originally shot. These assets were then used to create the photo real squadron of helicopters; seamlessly tracked, animated and rendered into the shots.

For the army parade, we utilised Houdini's procedural workflow to create and choreograph the crowd, creating a particle layout system with custom attributes controlling everything from position to skin tone. The crowd layout was exported and rendered in Arnold, which was then composited with live action over matte paintings, created by Jiyoung Lee and German Casado."
The Mill


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