Vivid 2014 - Aquatique Water Screen Projection

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Scope. Produce 25 minutes of content for five 10 minutes shows each with a different theme as part of the Aquatique Show at Darling Harbour.

The project posed some unique challenges for Digital Pulse.

Firstly, there was a very short production schedule of only 3 weeks to delivery. This required a specific workflow designed to facilitate multiple teams working on different disciplines such as design, 3D animation, Roto, motion graphics and technical such that changes could be accommodated until the last minute.

Secondly, content had to be specifically designed to reproduce well on water screen technology and it had to engage the audience in keeping with the theme of each show. This required research by our executive team and resulted us in creating 3D models to represent mythical creatures. In addition, we had to design content that looked like content was coming out of the water or interacting with it in some way.

Thirdly, one show was all live action and required Digital Pulse to film in one day the cast of The Lion King, Strictly Ballroom, The Australian Ballet and Bangarra each performing dance routines designed specifically for this event. It was not possible to shoot green screen due to the number of different costumes that had to be shot so every shot had to be hand rotoscoped to make the background black and add some visual effects to the scenes.

Finally, our content had to marry with lasers and water fountains so that each segment felt like a choreographed piece.

Our show was one of the most popular, averaging 100,000 viewers on Saturday night.
Digital Pulse

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