THE WITCHER 3: Wild Hunt

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Directed by Tomek Bagiński, the trailer gives us a look at the third installment in The Witcher saga.

The Witcher 3” is, so far, the biggest installment in the series: broadest in scope and aimed at the largest audience. Together with the team at CD Projekt RED, Platige decided that this calls for the trailer to go back to basics. A simple, intimate scene to bring out all that is incredible about our protagonist was a plan. Who the Witcher Geralt really is. “The Witcher 3” takes place in a world drowned in the chaos of war. Honor and decency are nothing but empty words. That kind of environment triggers the worst in humans, but nevertheless, the Witcher will remain steadfast in his beliefs. Under such circumstances every single choice ends up being a bad one, but he simply can’t ignore the injustice taking place before his very eyes. He’s a Witcher. He stands between humanity and the things that go bump in the dark. This seemingly straightforward, intimate scene became one of our toughest projects so far. Nothing could be hidden, every little detail had to be polished to perfection. Each imperfection of either models or animation was immediately visible. Big, epic movies often hide defects and imperfections in special effects. In the case of this movie, however, every single detail was important to the overall effect.

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