Ripper Street Season 2

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Set in 1890, much has changed since the last series of Ripper Street. Inspector Reid's wife, Emily has left him after he gave her false hope that their daughter may not have drowned; Rose Erskine has left Long Susan's brothel to work as a waitress at the music hall, Blewett's Theatre of Varieties, Sergeant Drake has married another of Susan's girls, Bella; a new detective constable, Albert Flight (Damien Molony) is introduced.
Reid crosses swords with the ruthless Inspector Jedediah Shine (Joseph Mawle). Ten years an Inspector on the Hong Kong police force, Shine has used that experience to exert a firm grip over Limehouse’s neighbouring ‘K’ Division and the emergent Chinatown that grows within it. Long Susan, happy as brothel keeper, is in debt to Silas Duggan (Frank Harper) who lent her funds to start the business unbeknownst to Jackson who wants to leave London.

Backdrops to episodes in series 2 include Chinese immigration, the London matchgirls strike of 1888, electrical War of Currents, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the Baring crisis.

For the second season running, Screen Scene was tasked with the job of transforming modern day Dublin into 19th century London, shortly after the reign of the ever elusive Jack the Ripper. Work started with us providing on set VFX Supervision and setting up the numerous VFX shots. Our goal was to ensure we could get the most out of the footage and create some great Visual effects once we brought it to post.

The creative process on this show covered a large portion of the VFX spectrum, from modern day clean-ups to 3D remodelling of buildings and from crowd duplication to bringing beautifully crafted Digital Matte paintings to life. 2D work was carried out with the use of Nuke and 3D using 3DSMax.

Screen Scene was delighted to be given the chance to work on such a great project.

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