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In the coastal town of Moonfleet in eighteenth century Dorset, orphan, John Trenchard, dreams of the infamous Blackbeard's treasure - and of the wealth and happiness it will bring him. However, John's search draws him into the company of local smugglers led by Elzevir Block, and forces him to go into hiding with a price on his head - little guessing the adventures and misfortunes he will face before he sees Moonfleet and the girl he loves again

The creative process on this feature covered a large portion of the VFX spectrum, from modern day clean-ups to full 3D modelling of ships and from Particle effects of stormy seas to bringing beautifully crafted Digital Matte paintings to life.

The ship asset was modelled in high detail to cover from wide to close-up. It was fully rigged for cloth sails, rope rigging and water interaction. High resolution textures were painted to match on set practical build plus concept ship design. Screen Scene had to develop a system for the ship to interact with the CG sea, kicking up wake, plumes of fume, splashes whilst manoeuvring over the simulated waves.

Fume systems were developed to interact with the ship and the wave it collided with. A fog system was created to help defuse the environment to best match the practical shoot. The ship was then lit and rendered for night, with the addition of a matte painted sky dome. All CG passes were available in Nuke to blend together to the desired look. CG rain system and droplets on the screen were also added.

Screen Scene was delighted to be given the chance to work on such a great project.

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