HBO South Asia 2013 Rebrand Idents

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We were commissioned by HBO Asia to help rebrand their network in India. In the brief, we were required is to create something bold, outstanding from
lots of competitor channels in the market, also keep the tone of HBO. While most of the competitor channels were predominantly using a strong, bright color like red or orange, we chose to use red as a high light on a dark cinematic tone.

Our ideas for the idents are based on movie genres. We have designed four idents with the themes of action, romance, sci-fi and fantasy respectively.
Aiming for an exciting camera move in each Ident, we ended up sing motion itself to create the connection between each ident, which is to use the different ‘worlds’ scale to create a surprise element of showing the final HBO logo.
The viewership of HBO South Asia varies wildly, but in letting the essence of film itself guide its process, we have managed to create something suitable for everyone.



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