Tooheys Extra Dry - Mouth Off

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'Mouth Off' was created as part of the 'Repay Your Mouth' marketing campaign, positioned as an evolution of the hugely successful 'Tongue' campaign of 2004. The cheeky creative sees a fresh take on the 'Tongue' which BMF originally created. The 'Mouth' will no doubt remind everyone of the love-hate reaction they may have felt towards the original ad. The inspiration for the TVC stems from the fact that being a mouth can be a "thankless job". A mouth has to eat bacteria ridden leftovers, laugh at unfunny jokes, spew out cheesy pick-up lines and of endless amounts of sucking up. And what do they get in return? The TVC concept suggests that it is about time people repay their mouths for the years of mouth abuse endured- and the one way to repay them is with the clean crisp taste of Toohey's Extra Dry.


Steve Black- Chief Creative Officer
Oliver Devaris- Copywriter
Gabe Hammond- Agency Producer
Pete Grasse- Executive Producer
Tara Riddell- Producer


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