TEDxSydney 2014 Opener

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The TEDx2014 Sydney Opening animation set the stage for this year's TEDxSydney held at the Sydney Opera House on the 26th of  April 2014 accompanied by an original sound track scored especially for the piece.

Hosted on a huge 40ft screen in 3:1 aspect ratio, the animation takes the viewer from the outer reaches of (VFX) space, travelling down through a highly stylised version of Sydney and Australian iconic elements all being built from the ground up.

The opener and motion graphics for TEDxSydney 2014 were the result of collaboration between Sydney production company Actual, the creative agency Common, the VFX and animation team at Mindconsole based in Austria and sound designers Rumble Studios, also in Sydney.  www.thisisactual.com

In early 2014 Mindconsole were asked by TEDx Sydney to produce the opening visuals for the world renowned event to be held at the Sydney Opera House. As well as the main piece, additional deliverables were created including short session openers and lower-thirds name templates for the event – all of which encompassed a similar visual style & 3D animation approach as the main piece. We teamed up with our partners from Common & Actual and created a futuristic, almost mystical world with an abstract view on Sydney’s trademark buildings and the innovative inventions of the country’s past. www.mindconsole.net

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